Refugio de la Laguna Negra, Argentina

Back on the trails!

This weekend we decided to hike a nice path going to the Refugio de la Laguna Negra at 1650m where we spent a night our heads in the mountains!

Starting in the little town of Colonia Suiza, the trail is 14km long. It begins with a long walk in a forested valley following a crystal clear torrent before heading up in a short sharp ascent to the Refugio which lies on the shores of the lake Laguna Negra. We had to cross few patches of snow, remnants of the winter, which gave us funny but a little bit tricky moments!

It was not an easy hike, or let say, we are getting a little bit old or a little bit lazy, I’m not sure! But the views were really beautiful and the night in the silence of the summits was superb!

Enjoy these little souvenirs!

Relaxing view from the Refugio. The lake is completely frozen in winter, allowing the courageous walkers to cross it.
Majestic summits surrounding the lake
Impressive view from the trail in the ascent

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