Ecolodges and campgrounds, South America

Week 19 – Since we have acquired the car, we have camp more often than we have stayed in hotels. The rooftop tent is in fact really comfortable and very easy to open and pack. We don’t regret our choice… for the moment anyway, but we will have to see further south in Patagonia where the winds might discourage us from staying outside!

Camping has been really satisfying, especially as we were out of the summer season and we were alone in most places! Owners have always been very friendly and helpful. Barbecues were many, maybe more than showers as sometimes the baños are not really appealing 😌… hum… and that’s why we continue to go to hostel every 5 or 6 days to keep in touch with modern life!

Traveling as we do has allowed us to follow the good weather! We started in Santiago, Chile, where spring was slow to come, so we decided to cross to Mendoza, Argentina, where temperatures were much more pleasant! We continued toward the north of Argentina to follow the warm weather until we crossed to north Chile in the desert of San Pedro de Atacama. Spring has now arrived in Patagonia so we can try our luck in the south. The days are getting longer and longer starting at 6am and ending at 9pm. When we will be in Ushuaia, for Christmas, days will start around 5am to end around 10pm. We really enjoy it.

Concerning the hostels, we sometimes find some gems like this ecolodge in El Bolson, Argentina (picture of the week). The bedrooms and kitchen are built with recycled materials and ecological techniques are used to treat and heat the water. The garden is beautiful and made so that we want to sit outside and walk around peacefully. The WiFi password is “mejorconversar” which means “better talk”, a whole way of thinking here! It’s a nice experience 🙂

Traveling like that also means meeting a lot of people. I have to say that we talk with a lot of people to share tips and experiences, but truly meeting somebody doesn’t happen that often. We did meet thought a very nice couple from Quebec in the Refugio de la Laguna Negra, and this makes the whole experience significantly worth it!

Well it’s time to close the iPad and go back to nature!


  1. cool, ‘loved reading more of your life, experience and perception this time. I wish you to find a few more great people that will stay in your mind and in your heart. Traveling the way you do, reminds you how basic stuff like a hot shower, a clean bathroom, running drinkable water etc are actually amazing and because it’s so obvious in our modern society , we forget how lucky we are to have it

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