Lake District, Argentina

Week 18 – Having left Pucón in Chile, we crossed the border and spent the week discovering the wonderful Argentinian side of Lake District.

First, we crossed the Andes on an incredible road that seemed to rise to the summit of the mountains! Fortunately, we are no longer above 4000m so we just drove above the 1000m.

When we finally returned to the valley, we discovered the beautiful lake Nahuel Huapi and we have not left it since it is vast and all parcs and towns are settled on its banks!

Our initial plan was to drive directly to Bariloche, but we fell for Villa La Angostura and spent a few days for a short hike and some rest. We then drove the Ruta de los Siete Lagos (the road of the 7 lakes) which goes up to the quaint and very welcoming town of San Martín de los Andes. So we decided to stay there for a peaceful and comfortable night!

We have now reached Bariloche and on our way we had a thousand breathtaking views of the lake! We can’t stop admiring it! We didn’t stay in Bariloche which is a pretty big city and not very safe for us, overlanders who carry all our stuffs in our car. We camp in Colony Suiza, a charming “German Disneyland” just composed of campsites, restaurants and craft shops all based in wooden chalets. There is nothing more than these amenities and the lake!

I can’t resist publishing few more pictures of lake Nahuel Huapi and one of a small lake located on the Ruta de los Siete Lagos.


On the way to Bariloche
From the harbor of Villa La Angostura, on our way back from the hike in the Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes
Lago Trafúl on La Ruta de los Siete Lagos

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