Trekking on Glaciar Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina

It was not the first time I was walking on a glacier but I really couldn’t remember the other one as I was a little girl “lost in the French Alps” 🙂

The Perito Moreno is particular as it is the only glacier of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field still advancing while the others are receding. Its accumulation zone (where the snow falls and turns into ice) is more important than its ablation zone (where the ice melts) generating a progression of 2 meters per day.

Here the main attraction is to watch at its front side and wait for large ice parts to fall into the water of Lago Argentino. We did it and really enjoyed it, but we also wanted to feel the ice under our feet. So we joined a mini trek to spend (unfortunately only) 1 hour and a half on the ice.

The trek started by a very short boat trip to the shore near the glacier. Views were beautiful. After a small walk in the moraine, we put on crampons and started our journey in the white world!

It was quite fun to progress slowly on the ice and discover the different characteristics of a glacier: rivers, crevasses, seracs, mini lakes. The team was very friendly and we had a good time there. We ended the adventure with a “whisky on the rocks” from the ice Perito Moreno of course!

Sure, I will do it again and I hope it will be on a French glacier!

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