Hidden beauties of Córdoba, Argentina

Week 13 – Discovering Córdoba was not an easy one!

Arriving Friday evening, we started exploring the bohemian neighborhood of Güemes on Saturday afternoon… during the siesta. Everything was closed, there was nobody in the streets. It was not a good start.

Sunday we decided to go visit the historical center… which is completely closed on weekends! No open museums, no lively restaurants, churches are closed in the afternoon. A real ghost district!

A little bit disappointed, we joined a free walking tour on Monday morning and we FINALLY discovered the potential of Córdoba! The historical center was very busy, full of students and professors, groups of visitors and many people going to work or shopping. The cafes were crowded and lively. The churches were open and absolutely beautiful! There was only one thing missing, museums, which are closed on Mondays… So we couldn’t transform our try into a complete success, but for sure we enjoyed a lot more the city, even under the rain!

The funny thing is that we adapted to the Argentinian lifestyle: breakfast at 11am, lunch at 1pm, kind of siesta in the afternoon (just doing nothing), sweet snack at 6pm (a sub marino or a coffee with alfajores) and dinner at 10pm!

Today we are back on the road, so we’ll have to go back to the sun time schedule!


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