Helado, heritage of the Italian immigration, Argentina

Heritage of its massive Italian immigration, with nearly 3 million people arrived between 1857 and 1940, Argentina has become a master of ice cream!

In all the cities (except perhaps Buenos Aires), the siesta is a real torture! Most restaurants, if not all, are closed from 2pm to 8pm and the shops from 1pm to 5pm. They turn into ghost towns each afternoon leaving us, tourists, wandering desperate in their deserted streets…

… All? No. The ice cream shops, which like the pubs in the UK can be found everywhere, even in the smallest villages, stay open all day long! Just look for an heladería!

In Mendoza, the Famiglia Perin (established since 1947), offers the quintessence of the artisanal ice cream, with the orange and bitter sweet chocolate been its 2 signature flavors. We tried them and they were delicious!

Mendoza, I miss you!


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