Coup de cœur for Puerto Pirámides and its whales, Península Valdès, Argentina

Week 12 – From now until mid-December, it is the season of the Southern Right Whales (ballenas franca austral) who come close to the coast to breed. From the beaches near the Península Valdès (playa Las Canteras especially) and the harbor of the small village of Puerto Pirámides, you can spot many playing with their babies, jumping, doing saltos and expirations. It was amazing!

Puerto Pirámides is a small port on the Península Valdès. It is very quiet and peaceful. It was funny to see its daily rhythm, overflowing with hordes of tourists coming to do the excursion in the bay during the day, becoming very calm in the late afternoon and early morning.

I had my last breakfast in a small hippie cafe, watching 8 whales playing in the bay! I think I could have stayed there for weeks to enjoy its tranquility.

On the preserved Península Valdès also live Magallanic Penguins, Sea Lions, Southern Elephant Seal, Armadillos and Guanacos. Very easy to spot, we enjoyed observation of animals and the nature!

On our way to the Península, in the province of Río Negro, we also had the chance to see the world’s biggest colony of Burrowing Parrots. Beautiful green and red parrots living in the white cliff of the small town El Cóndor‘s beach.

In short, it was a great week!


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