Homey Lima, Peru

Week 3 – Despite its foggy winter, Lima turned out to be a wonderful relaxing stop on our way to the South. For those who know the city, the “relaxing” adjective may sound weird. The trafic in Lima is a nightmare and taking a taxi is a challenge as they definitely don’t care about shaking you like hell! But we found a real pleasure in taking our time in its cosy cafes and trendy restaurants. Eventually, we mitigated the taxis issue by enjoying long walks in Miraflores, discovering how Limeños spend their weekend in the various parcs along the Malecon or surf the cold waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The picture of this week is taken from the Green Winery, a small cafe hidden near el Puente de los Suspiros (the bridge of sighs) in the Barranco district. We also loved the Sofà café which was a trendy and cozy cafe just near the place we have been staying for the few days. La Bodega Verde, nested in the interesting Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Modern Art Museum), could have been a very nice stop too.

There were really atmospheric restaurants that we enjoyed like Isolina Tabernacle Peruana and Canta Rana, respectively known for their criollo food and numerous Ceviche. The cevichería La Mar and the novoandina cooking place Astrid y Gaston were real treats to ourselves.

Lima has been for us a really enjoyable cultural and gastronomic break!

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