The revenge of the Mirador Base del Torres… almost!

In December, at the end of the W circuit, we had done a part of this hike, but we stopped at Refugio Chileno because we were carrying too heavy bags and we were quite tired from the previous 3 days of walking. This time we decided to “knock this bastard out” as the true mountaineers say before tackling a difficult summit!

We left around 8am to cross the park by car and join the starting point of the hike. The Torres was completely clear that morning which gave us the confidence and energy to tackle this hike!

By the time we arrived, the conditions were already “a little more unstable”. So we had to walk under a fine rain with a few gusts of cold wind. But finally these conditions were much more pleasant than a hot sun!

We really enjoyed this walk which began with a fairly steep climb on clear ground before leading us on El Paso de los Vientos (the windy pass!) from which we had an incredible view of the Ascencio Valley! We reached the Chileno Refugio at the bottom of the valley and continued through a dense forest along the Rio Ascencio stream before climbing up the slope of the mountain. Once we reached the campamento del Torres, the climb became steeper in the forest first and then at the mercy of the elements! Fortunately we did not have violent winds on this part. It is not uncommon for walkers to be unable to continue or to have to bend to continue the climb sheltered from the winds!

Unfortunately, we have not been rewarded… The weather was very changeable and the impressive Torres which were quite visible in the morning and during a good part of our hike found themselves hidden in thick snowy clouds at our arrival! We could admire the glacier lake at their foot, the Lago Torre, and guess the 3 proud towers hidden in the clouds, but that’s it! With the snow starting to fall and the wind getting stronger, we did not wait for a potential thinning and started, frozen, our descent to the sunny valley!

This hike made us feel very good and allowed us to remember (a little bit at least) the pleasure we had on the circuit W!

Definitely this park is beautiful even if it does not offer itself easily to other!

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