Centolla, Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

In south Patagonia the most common product from the sea is the centolla, so called King crab. We couldn’t avoid it and were forced to taste its different cooking styles ūüôā

The finally less easy to find and more expensive style is the entero (entire crab). We finally found it in Ushuaia in a restaurant on the sea front with big windows to watch the Beagle channel and its activities. It was gorgeous!

We also tasted it natural in Puerto Natales:

In pastel, the crab meat is mixed with mashed potatoes and browned with Parmesan. It’s actually very good!

Cooked in different sauces like the Mediterranean one (onions, white wine and persil) or a paprika one:

And even in ceviche with a salsa leche de tigre!

It was always very good but my preference definitely goes to the entero!

Bon appétit !

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