Wine tasting in the Colchagua valley, Chile

We could not cross Chile without stopping in one of its wine regions and tasting some of its best products. So we choose the Colchagua valley and opted for a degustation menu at Lapostolle winery near Santa Cruz.

The environment was gorgeous! We had the Andean chain as background and the green vineyards as foreground. The lunch was served in the restaurant on the slope of the hill which offered a magnificent view on the domaine and the valley. The meal was delicate and tasty, and the wines were really good. The Cabernet Sauvignon 2002, in particular, was excellent with tobacco flavors!

I must say however that I’m craving for a glass of fresh Chablis or a Riesling or a very good Pinot Gris! There are things that all the sweets you can find in a foreign country will never replace. I dream of my little habits back home: a cup of very good Chinese tea with a delicious French pâtisserie, or go see a French intellectual movie followed by a tartare in a Parisian brasserie!

… But I can wait a little longer, it will come soon enough!


  1. You may though crave of this delicious and delicate wine tasting when you eat your cereal bar while trekking in Patagonia hahaha 😉 just kidding. Would have love to share this table with you!!!!!

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