Empanadas, Argentina (and everywhere in South America!)

Empanadas… I think everyone who traveled through Latin America has tasted at least once this pastry filled with meat, cheese, shrimps, etc.

In Peru we had some of them. Dry and heavy, they were not really good. In Buenos Aires we tried again and they were “ok”. In Córdoba we found Empanadas for take away. We chose different recipes and were a little bit more interested in the choclo-queso version (sweet corn and cheese), but still not convinced.

We reached Cafayate in the Salta Province. Hungry and thirsty we stopped at the bar of the Museo de la Vid y el Vino (museum of the vine and wine), sat at a small table in the shaded patio, ordered the only thing they had on the menu: empanadas Salteñas al horno with a glass of white Torrontes wine, and…


These empanadas are filled with juicy grilled beef, potatoes, boiled eggs and spring onions. Al horno means they are warmed up in a wood fire oven. They were DELICIOUS!!!!

We both had 6 of them with 2 glasses of Torrontes… and it was so good that we came back the next day to have them again! What a perfect meal in a perfect place at a perfect time! What a memory!


  1. Et un cactus en plus!

    Ne vous arrêtez surtout pas de partager vos photos… elles sont superbes!!

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