Lagunas in the Atacama’s desert, Chile

Week 15 – A little extra again!

There’s a lot to see around San Pedro de Atacama, the nature being so aride and extreme. We decided to go to few of the Lagunas south of the city.

The most beautiful was the Laguna Chaxa with its pink flamingoes! The surrounded volcanoes, the white salted laguna and the amount of wild life there was fascinating. Flamingoes but also Andean avocets, hunting lizards and other birds were all feeding quite close to the path and letting us photographing them easily.

We continued further south, back up to 4300masl, to reach the 2 lagunas Miñiques and Miscanti which were very dark blue lakes in front of snowcapped volcanoes.

Again, the road on the plateau and the one back in the valley along the numerous volcanoes were beautiful!

Road to the Lagunas Miñiques and Miscanti on the Andean plateau
Road in the valley, we followed the volcanoes for a 100 km!

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