Alfajores, delicacy of Argentina

My first discovery was not really a success… I was expecting the most delicious sweet of Argentina and it was in fact a little bit mealy and too sugary.

As it is a true institution in the country, I didn’t want to stay on my first impression and decided to taste Alfarojes in the different cities we would visit. And actually they can be delicious!

Córdoba’s version

Those from Córdoba are filled with dulce de leche which gives them a little taste of caramel. In Buenos Aires, the coconut surprisingly lighten the sugary impression (see cover picture). In Puerto Pirámides they were light and soft. In Cafayate they are filled with the local jam, of kayote, a kind of melon. Delicious!

Cafayate’s version
Mendoza’s version


  1. Je crois que tu t’es trouvé une nouvelle vocation: goutteuse en Argentine (vino, empanada, nieve, alfajoles)!

    1. Nous essayons de nous calmer un peu maintenant 😄. Moins de tasting et plus de rando pour rééquilibrer tout ça !!!
      Mais c’est vrai que goûter les spécialités culinaires est un réel plaisir !!! 😋

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