La chupe de camarones, Peru

The shrimp chowder, great delicacy of Arequipa, is pure happiness! In general I don’t really like seafood soups (except the fantastic clam chowder from New England!), but I absolutely fell in love with the chupe de camarones!

I tasted it in the restaurant Zingaro and I don’t regret it!

The soup is so dense that it can be taken as a main course. I will not describe the whole recipe, but I can’t resist to list all its ingredients: fish stock, garlic, onion, peeled tomatoes, beans, choclo (the Peruvian corn), rice, potatoes, squash, cabbage, hazelnut, huacatay (Peruvian variety of mint), eggs, fresh cheese, condensed milk, spices and of course shrimps.

Bon appetite!

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