Ushuaia, el fin del mundo, Argentina

Week 22 – Ushuaia is the southernmost point we had planned to go to during our trip, and probably the most southerly I will ever reach in my all life! It was mythical for me and, again, I’m not disappointed!

The weather changes literally every 10 minutes! We are in summer and it is cold and really windy but the small port is very active and gives a lot to see. Cruise ships leaving for Antartica or Chile, container ships loading and unloading cargoes and small shuttles taking tourists to a short tour on the Beagle Channel. The mountains on the other side of the channel and all around the city are absolutely beautiful. They are not very high but are covered with dense forests almost to their summit, then patches of snow appear making the contrats particularly pretty.

The first restaurant we went into was exactly what I imagined of this Fin del Mundo (End of the World). Rustic decor, tons of old wooden and cast iron objects, Tierra del Fuego beers never found in Europe, warm waiters, delicious food and a lot of people from around the world, especially travelers like us who seem to let go (with long beard for the men and dirty outdoor clothes)!

We started by resting and enjoying good meals for Christmas, but we will have until the end of the week to discover the museums that will allow us to understand a little bit the history of the natives and the settlers, as well as the history of the conquest of Antartica. Then some short hikes to feel the rough nature of this part of the world!

It was Marie, lost in el fin del mundo!

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