Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Day 4, Patagonia, Chile

In the same way that day 3 ended, day 4 started in incredibly calm and sunny Patagonia… Had we been transported to another country or another dimension?!

This day was really warm and almost without wind, which we deeply regret as we had to walk almost all day without any shade to protect us!

View from the Francès camping in the morning

We had to walk along the lake Nordenskjöld for 16 km to our last camping Las Torres Central, which is also the starting point of the “O circuit” loop. Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to the Cuernos (definitely my favorite peaks in the park!) as we circled them and headed toward the Almirante Nieto mountain.

The Cuernos
The Cuernos (again)

An hour and a half after leaving our campsite, the trail led to a pretty pebble beach where all the hikers were resting and where even some brave ones dared to swim. Remember that this lake is a glacier one! The place was beautiful!

Nice break on the pebble beach on the lake Nordenskjöld

After a good break there and a short walk, we reached the Refugio Los Cuernos nestled in a dense forest. This was the last camp we would cross today, which meant we had a long and endless hike in the sun. Fortunately the views were incredible!

Finally we found civilisation after 3 days out of circulation. The Torres campground and hotel are the base for many people who come to the park for day hikes, the “O circuit” or the “W circuit”. So, dirty and stinky, we met a lot of fresh and happy tourists who had just started their visit of the park.

After an invigorating hot shower, we could again be part of this population and enjoy our last night in the park.

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