Buenos Aires, « le Paris de l’Amérique Latine », Argentina

Week 10 – Brasseries, boulangeries, pâtisseries, kiosques à journaux, architecture, petits déjeuners café-croissant (medialuna), Buenos Aires a un délicieux parfum parisien !

In order to find a better weather, we crossed the border from Chile to Argentina and ended up driving to Buenos Aires, the capital sometimes called “the Paris of Latine America”. The city is beautiful and packed of exciting museums and buildings. One week will not be long enough for us to discover all its wonders!

The Porteños have always been keen on France and especially Paris. Since the XIX century, the wealthy families have been looking at the French trends and have reproduced them here.

The incredible Palacio Paz has been built by the richest family of Buenos Aires beginning of XX century and is a summary of French style. Designed by a French architect, all the rooms, the garden and the furnitures are inspired by Versailles and French cathedrals. The complete house has been built with marbles, mosaics, chandelier, parquet and marquetries imported from France. It’s a little bit crazy but really beautiful!

The Tango, invented by the immigrants in the poor neighborhood of La Boca, has been adopted by the high society only when France has recognised it. In the fantastic Teatro Colón, the main opera house of the city, people were used to speak French in the “VIP” salon.

In a word, Buenos Aires has a French spirit, but not only! She’s also very Italian and Spanish. I don’t know where to start, maybe with the numerous Italian restaurants, pastas, gnocchis and pizzas are everywhere, and the delicious Italian ice cream and the expanded coffee culture! You can also savour delicious churros dipped in hot chocolate in the most famous brasseries, lunches start at 2pm and dinners at 10pm, and of course the language, Spanish with a strong Italian intonation!

Buenos Aires is the second most visited city in Latine America (after Mexico City) and I really understand why!

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  1. Are you gonna go to a Milonga and dare some tango steps? Should we all ask and vote for you to post a picture of you dancing with Greg on those beautiful wooden floors? I would love that!!!! do it, do it, do it…

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